Vietnam War Casualties

Vietnam Casualties ► About the Vietnam War Casualties Archive - This site features records of 58,300 U.S. servicemen who were killed in action or non-combative circumstances during the Vietnam War. - In addition, we have data on casualties and certified deaths during the periods before and after conflict for the dates 6/8/1956 through 10/10/2003.

► Sources and Foundation Data - As a foundation for our data we have relied on resources available through U.S. government archives and other public resources such as NARA and the DOD. - More specifically we have relied on the Coffelt Database, "Records with Unit Information on Military Personnel Who Died During the Vietnam War".

► You Are Not Forgotten - We thank all who have served, with special honor extended to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Your country, family, friends and loved ones. You are cherished, remembered, and honored above all.
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